Sunday, April 4, 2010

What I did this Weekend : Part I

Yesterday was kinda a blur. I woke up in the mornin dreading to start the day. I contemplated to go back to sleep with ease by covering my head with the already warm blankey and tune in to my previous dream. But i didn't. Cause the dream wasn't so special anyway. And the thought of going for my guitar class in the evening directly from home just didn't sound right to me. So i got up, trudged my way to college. Hated every moment of it. Most of my friends didn't show up. Apparently everyone's busy studying at home. But i can't afford to bunk any of these stupid lectures cause I'm planning to go out this May, which'l again ruin my already much ruined attendance. So with those thoughts, i got through the lectures. and it was quick and painless like ripping of a band aid. I had a decent day. Examined my first ever tuberculosis patient who seemed normal by the way., which made me wonder how many of them must i be encountering on a day to day basis...say in buses and trains and other local transport?? who knows! after which i carefully washed my hands and had a scrumptious lunch with a dear friend, which included some Indianized Chinese .the Chinese people would probably kill themselves after eating our version,its so modified and spicy, completely pointless and has lost its original taste to it. But oh my god so yumm!! i had crispy chicken and sweet corn chicken soup my favorite!
Before i knew it, all the lectures got done. I had to head back to my guitar class to which i was half an hour late..crazy unexpected traffic on the Vashi bridge..When I got there, I thought I'd be happy after performing this new song I learned; Two is Better Than One by Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. But nooooooooo! That didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. I forgot the words AND the chords AND was singin off pitch :| So that. Came home to see Mumbai Indians were playing! Missed the initial few overs of the match but was happily glued to the television till they won =] By this time it was past 12 and i was very tired.So I decided to turn in. And that was my Saturday...

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