Bee-ing Vie

Vidita MorePatil. A Bombay girl in her early 20s, studying to be a doctor..very much confused in life and tends to take last minute decisions very often..

Rude and hurtful yet sweet and helpful..wonder how, do you? so do i.. not goody2shoes type'of a person although I love being helpful at times.. just be careful because i really wouldn't care to hurt your feelings. I'm very honest and blunt. I'm unintentionally funny, intentionally unfunny..also, A little too dramatic.

I LOVE long walks,being in the midst of serene nature, writing, performing on stage, traveling, helping out animals, shopping, spending time at home, experimenting in the kitchen and being perfect all the time.(not necessarily in the same order.. ) I've written for Times Of India: Downtown PLus, Mumbai mirror, Just Like That (JLT) , Newshouse and other newspapers.

Being an animal freak,I've done crazy things in wee hrs to save the smallest creatures! I'm a PeTA person, been in SDIPA for like 4 years in a row, I'm spiritual and religious too. I'd like to believe I'm a very confident person. I've been told I'm an awesome singer =D

The only sports i play are Basketball and Chess.I'd love to get better at tennis, swimming, and other random sports. I LOVE clickin' random pics..I love being on stage or the center of attention :P and I'm always good at what i do,...otherwise i wouldn't do it now would i?

I'd love to sky-dive someday & bungee jumped; I have. I love adventure sports. I'm learning to play guitar...I'm not so terrible at it.

I take appearances seriously at times. I'm a major foodie. I love Italian food and pizza is something i can eat for the rest of the days of my life!

I like watching International football matches. I support Spain with all my heart and soul! I'm very fond of being around beaches.. although
My most favorite place in the whole world is Roma
My favorite Band is Aqualung
My favorite Artist is Sara Bareilles
My favorite Singer is David Cook
My favorite actor is Abhay Deol
My favorite color changes every now and then.. :P For now its Purple.

I'm a li'l silly n always lost. I tend to be overly sweet at times and get hurt often but it doesn't take too long for me to recover from it. I tend to let people walk out of my life unless they choose to stay. I'm not the one to persistently call or drop a text.

& I tend to talk a lot but Just when u think I'm not listening I'll surprise u by repeating every single word u said..n just wen u think i am listening..think again.. :P Its very easy to make me smile.or laugh. And equally easy to piss me off..

I love to cook but blessed are those who get to eat some of my creations. As I dislike Sharing food. I must really love you if I let you have the last slice of pizza.
One thing i know for sure is that I'll only get better with each passing day.

My superpowers also include making everything about myself and tripping every now & then.. as u can read, i can go onnn talkin for tats more than enough for now i suppose?!?!!