Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Save Our Shows!!!

A dozen of My Old Favourites which I would love to see on television again...
Most of these are kids shows..ah nostalgia. CHECK OUT THE NO.1 SHOW!

12] Sabrina The teenage witch...and her very sweet best friend Sam!

11] ALL THAT ....the earlier version.

This was so much fun to watch...especially dear ASHLEY....thats me!

10]The Amanda Show! 'manda 'manda 'manda 'manda 'manda show!

9]Ghostbusters _on cartoon network

I was so fanatic about this one that i wanted to redecorate my
new room with this theme!


I would play my version of this show at home with my cousins. :D
I always wondered why they had the mouth guards....they didn't quite need them.


:( would LOVE to watch the re-runs...this show was so much fun!
(before pru's character was cut off)

6] Small Wonder

....everyones fav...the title track gets stuck in your head...
She's a small wonder, pretty and bright with soft curls.
She's a small wonder, a girl unlike other girls.
She's a miracle, and I grant you
She'll enchant you at her sight.
She's a small wonder, and she'll make your heart take flight.
She's fantastic, made of plastic.
Microchips here and there.
She's a small wonder, brings love and laughter everywhere...

oh dear...there we go again!

5] Hey Arnold!

I love This Football head!

I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this cartoon!! Didn't realize how much i missed it until i googled for the pictures!

4] Figure It Out.

Esp. when Danny Tamberelli goes...Oh I DUNNO!!!!!!!!

3] The Adventures of Pete & Pete

for The Love of Danny Tamberelli


no words to describe this one!
It made me believe in Magic!
This show's just stuck somewhere.

1] Duniya GOAL hai!

Fardeen!!!!! where are you? we miss you at FIFA 2010
From the lame jokes to the funny predictions , puky recipes and the players falling for each other...we miss it all! Please! ESPN India,
Get this show back for euro cup at least!

Sadly this show is soooo forgotten that they don't even have an image left on GOOGLE!!! :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Websites I Visit Most Often...

[Click Names For the LINK ....And Remember to right click and open a new tab. Otherwise It redirects you to a whole other site!]

13] One of my MOST fav these rainy days...

At number 12] Cant get that tune out of your head?
Awesome for that one song download..

11]Hilarious!!! Collection Of misheard lyrics! Are you one of THOSE PEOPLE?

10] Awesome Pichas!
Taken my ordinary People like you and me! :)

9]Make anything HAPPEN!

8] This is so cool!
...I stopped using flicker after spam but this is sumn else!

7] Sheer Necessity
...I keep forgetting my passwords!!

6] I love this Site!
makes me feel like a seven year old kid all over again!!!

5] You Gotta Do Watcha Gotta Do!

4] An addiction much?

3] How Can I NOT?!


1] And the number one site!
My Hero!

Its Raineeeeeeen =]

These are the things i LOVE about the Rains in India :
the display design is soooo Perrrrfect!

1] Fruits & Food! :

A] Chaha & bhajjeeees :)

B] Cherries and Jackfruits

2] Random middle-of-the-week Holidays! being one of them ! :)

3] Season to Read Twilight & Harry Potter

4] Sittin' by my huge bedroom window with
an awesome view of Shivaji Park.

5] Radio Playing the most apt songs...

these are some i'm stuck on :

a) Jaane Yeh Kya Hua_Karthik Calling Karthik

b) I love the Rains the most_ Joe Purdy

c) Cry me out_ Pixie Lott

d)Come in with The Rain _Taylor Swift

e)Satellite Heart_ Anya Marina

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lookie Lookie

Post Based on
People who look similar if not the same..
On the Right ~ Alyssa Milano
On the Left ~ Hrishita Bhatt

And Finding normal pictures of these two %$*^%* is not easy at all!