Monday, April 5, 2010

Learn from the Microorganisms

I believe that microorganisms are at the top of the pyramid..not Human Beings.
Human beings are led to believe that they're in control..
(ref. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Besides being found plenty in number, Microorganism Rule! because:

~They do not get discouraged, they're opportunistic.
~They do not concede defeat, even if they reside in the normal flora.
~They wait for its enemy to give up and eventually that does happen.
~Together they can eat us up.
~They help each other grow.
~They do not distinguish between rich/poor, caste, creeds ; they attack Everyone !

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What I did This Weekend : Part II

Sunday Morning. I got up as late as I probably could. I think it was 11 o clock when i finally gave up and decided i couldn't push it any further. Over-sleeping at times makes your mind go all funny and numb and that was what was happening to me. So i got up had my breakfast, some good old ( freshly prepared ) idlis and Studied Pharmacology a bit. Yes Boys and Girls. I studied! Because exams are nearing and I'm ashamed to confess that until a few days back, i did not know what the ACE in ACE inhibitors stood for. Well of course I do Now. For the curious minds, its Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors
I realized how much I'm left to study for the up coming exams. A LOT was the realization. My cousin came over. She's getting married this summer. We, Maharashtrians, have this ritual where we throw a dinner party for the bride and the groom and prepare their favorite recipes. She had come over for the same. The ceremony is called KELVAN The extended families decided to do a potluck dinner and before you know it, we, the kids, were kicked out of the dinner party :( DOnt aSk WHy! Even I dOnt know the answer to that oNe! The foods gonna be amazing though...Chicken appetizers, Fried fish and our very own signature FRUIT CUSTARD. I reluctantly made the custard and suppressed my urge to spit in it. I DIDN'T. DON'T WORRY. My mum kept swatting my hand off every time i tried to steal a few pieces of fruits.. I mean COME ON! When they're lying there, rotting away to glory you let me have them then! Then They left, my cousin and me mum. And I still haven't studied as much as I was hoping i would. Played my guitar, spoke on the phone, fought with my sis, plannin to order food now. I still have My forensic medicine journal to complete!!! last date of submission tomorrow. which i realized just before i sat to do drugs for cough and bronchial asthma. Well i knew it was on the 5th, but i didn't realize the 5th is TOMORROW!! So that's what I'm gonna do now. Until next time take care, night and hope you have a happpee week! God i hate MONDAYS =/ and HAPPY EASTER btw.

What I did this Weekend : Part I

Yesterday was kinda a blur. I woke up in the mornin dreading to start the day. I contemplated to go back to sleep with ease by covering my head with the already warm blankey and tune in to my previous dream. But i didn't. Cause the dream wasn't so special anyway. And the thought of going for my guitar class in the evening directly from home just didn't sound right to me. So i got up, trudged my way to college. Hated every moment of it. Most of my friends didn't show up. Apparently everyone's busy studying at home. But i can't afford to bunk any of these stupid lectures cause I'm planning to go out this May, which'l again ruin my already much ruined attendance. So with those thoughts, i got through the lectures. and it was quick and painless like ripping of a band aid. I had a decent day. Examined my first ever tuberculosis patient who seemed normal by the way., which made me wonder how many of them must i be encountering on a day to day basis...say in buses and trains and other local transport?? who knows! after which i carefully washed my hands and had a scrumptious lunch with a dear friend, which included some Indianized Chinese .the Chinese people would probably kill themselves after eating our version,its so modified and spicy, completely pointless and has lost its original taste to it. But oh my god so yumm!! i had crispy chicken and sweet corn chicken soup my favorite!
Before i knew it, all the lectures got done. I had to head back to my guitar class to which i was half an hour late..crazy unexpected traffic on the Vashi bridge..When I got there, I thought I'd be happy after performing this new song I learned; Two is Better Than One by Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift. But nooooooooo! That didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to. I forgot the words AND the chords AND was singin off pitch :| So that. Came home to see Mumbai Indians were playing! Missed the initial few overs of the match but was happily glued to the television till they won =] By this time it was past 12 and i was very tired.So I decided to turn in. And that was my Saturday...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Life & Death

It's not something anyone likes to talk about. But its just a composition.
Its my take on what I think will happen just as I am about to leave Planet Earth.
This might be a li'l grim to handle but nevertheless its something i wrote..
And oh by the way, while we're at it, I've clicked the pic too =]
And I'm coincidentally typing this is while listening to The Splitsvilla Theme by Agnee which is just about Perfect!

When all Is said and done,
when its Time for me to go,
The laughter i shared
is all That I'll remember.
Smiles. Blinding pearly whites
Innocent pure and blissful.
Is all I came here for;
And that's all I shall carry on.
What'l flash before my eyes
is not the happiness I received or the tears I've cried
A moment too less to fit them all in,
The echo of sheer joy is what I'll bear within.

Perfect Eyebrows

I didn't know there was so much of thought put into how perfect your eyebrows could be..and the science behind it!

Apparently there are angles which are measured from the starting point of your eyes to your nose to the middle of the pupil to the end of the eyebrow...phew!
Google sure has a lot of information! So here are a few pointers on perfect set of eyebrows that I have borrowed..courtesy google.

Now, Let me see if I get this right:
A] Is the starting point of your eye, coinciding with the starting point of the brow.
B] Is the angle of your eyebrow which should coincide with the middle of your pupil
C] Is the line drawn from the end of your eyebrow which should preferably end at the sides of the nose

And here i was thinking there were only three kinds of eyebrows:
1)The super alien thin ones that not many of us can carry off without looking like a trashy *****
2)The proper just got 'em done ones
3)The obviously fugly (undone) ones

This is so extensively ridiculous that i HAD to post it!

Its Good To Be BACK!

I'd quit blogging for a while for reasons i don't remember anymore...
But after losing myself for a bit, here I am, back again to voice my opinions.
Heard/unheard, they deserve to be told.
Blogging after almost a year, i feel like I'm back home =] ...all this seems so familiar and comforting.
Before i wind up on my ultra-short first post, I, already have a million odd things to write about so keep coming by.. And the profile did not allow me to introduce myself properly since i couldn't fit the awesomeness that's me in 1200 characters, so the next post is pretty much all Bout me! :)