Monday, April 5, 2010

Learn from the Microorganisms

I believe that microorganisms are at the top of the pyramid..not Human Beings.
Human beings are led to believe that they're in control..
(ref. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Besides being found plenty in number, Microorganism Rule! because:

~They do not get discouraged, they're opportunistic.
~They do not concede defeat, even if they reside in the normal flora.
~They wait for its enemy to give up and eventually that does happen.
~Together they can eat us up.
~They help each other grow.
~They do not distinguish between rich/poor, caste, creeds ; they attack Everyone !

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  1. firstly u shd start bloging again.....secondly u hv defined idiotitis as da disease which causes brain to shut down n mouth to keep taikng....well wht ll u define a disease which causes brain to work wonders n mouth to keep talking....thirdly i read a lot of wht u hv wrote n got a feelin tht u r contradicting urself much!!!!!Neways Take care!!!