Friday, April 2, 2010

Perfect Eyebrows

I didn't know there was so much of thought put into how perfect your eyebrows could be..and the science behind it!

Apparently there are angles which are measured from the starting point of your eyes to your nose to the middle of the pupil to the end of the eyebrow...phew!
Google sure has a lot of information! So here are a few pointers on perfect set of eyebrows that I have borrowed..courtesy google.

Now, Let me see if I get this right:
A] Is the starting point of your eye, coinciding with the starting point of the brow.
B] Is the angle of your eyebrow which should coincide with the middle of your pupil
C] Is the line drawn from the end of your eyebrow which should preferably end at the sides of the nose

And here i was thinking there were only three kinds of eyebrows:
1)The super alien thin ones that not many of us can carry off without looking like a trashy *****
2)The proper just got 'em done ones
3)The obviously fugly (undone) ones

This is so extensively ridiculous that i HAD to post it!

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