Friday, April 2, 2010

Life & Death

It's not something anyone likes to talk about. But its just a composition.
Its my take on what I think will happen just as I am about to leave Planet Earth.
This might be a li'l grim to handle but nevertheless its something i wrote..
And oh by the way, while we're at it, I've clicked the pic too =]
And I'm coincidentally typing this is while listening to The Splitsvilla Theme by Agnee which is just about Perfect!

When all Is said and done,
when its Time for me to go,
The laughter i shared
is all That I'll remember.
Smiles. Blinding pearly whites
Innocent pure and blissful.
Is all I came here for;
And that's all I shall carry on.
What'l flash before my eyes
is not the happiness I received or the tears I've cried
A moment too less to fit them all in,
The echo of sheer joy is what I'll bear within.

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