Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life Like a Movie..

If You aren't one of those crazy people who, not only believe in their dreams but chase them too, you must know an odd friend who does. Well I am as crazy as they come. I truly believe that my life is a movie. Although the genre of the movie changes ever so often from a romantic comedy to humor to at times drama, what does not change is the fact that I ALWAYS believe it to be a movie. I will not lie, It often leaves me disappointed in many ways. As I have my own way of thinking & of certain impossible events unfolding into reality, life fails to surprise me. See, I'd think the most romantic thing any one could ever do for me would be playing a guitar on the opposite pavement of my window in the pouring rain..And I live on the 6th level. So he's gotta be heard! Yes. I'm that dramatic. But life's not. And that's okay. Cause I'd rather live in the magical realm of possibilities and have faith than take off my rose tinted shades only to be disappointed by the fact that the world is not what it used to be once upon a time.. I still believe good things can happen.. Not necessarily at the time you want them to. But if you wait patiently...

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