Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Things You Probably Didn't Know about ME...

25) I can Finish a Large Pizza all by myself.

24) I keep forgetting my passwords. All the time.

23) I love making lists of things to do, stuff to buy, things i want, list of what to make a list about... And then checking them off... =]

22) I HATE the smell of maggi noodles.

21) I took up Journalism for a while after finishing school.

20) I auditioned for Nickelodeon.

19) I'm very organized. So organized that people think I'm a 'compulsive hoarder'.

18) I'm an ardent animal lover. Also an activist.

17) I write religiously in my journal.

16) I love to cook. But I love other people cooking for me much much more.

15) I'm too harsh on myself.. I tend to cry a lot. Sometimes so much, I curse myself for being so silly.

14) I sang in a choir at State Level Sing off in school.. Other than that, my school has never been kind enough to take me in any talent performances. O_o

13) I love running early morning at 4 am.. I rarely make it though.

12) I've been an environmentalist since before it was 'Cool'.

11) I have a weird liking for 'Potpourri' ...especially the ones that smell like the ocean.

10) I'd never dream of not living by the beach.

9)On an average, I read at least upto six new books every year.. But talking about speed, I can finish one book a day.

8) My favourite random word is ' Cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene'.

7) I believe mistakes are beautiful.. especially while performing on stage.

6) I once had a complete compilation of 'The Book of Shadows'.

5) I'm a peace loving person, I can turn into a piece loving person just as quickly.

4) I have seen 'Oceans 11' times a day for three months straight. No jokes. I have witnesses.

3) I think 'Phineas & Ferb' is the most genius cartoon ever made. 'Hey Arnold' being the coolest.

2) I do NOT like runny eggs. bwaaa.

1) I listen to weird weird songs just before entering the exam hall..

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