Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer 2011 Checklist

BeAt ThE HeAt!!!
Here are some Fun things to do this Summer!

10) Ice cream treat! ^.^ take that someone special with you!

9) Ice cube water splash!
Put a couple of ice cubes in a bowl and slap some icy freezing cold water on your face! ...You wont be complaining about the heat after THIS!

8) Make an oriental fan: or just a simple creative cardboard fan...kills time and you created something extraordinary all by yourself!

7) Go shopping for that Summer dress!
More on this later....I'm going street shpping to causeway this weekend...
my next post will be about summer shopping list! .... =]

6) organize a Pool Party! Hit the pool with your friends!

5) Go for an evening sunset stroll

4) Super frosty vanilla watermelon smoothie ^.^
This is one my most favorite drinks in the Whole World!
Mix some seedless watermelon pieces along with a scoop of vanilla icecream, ice and sugar according to your taste buds... and blend in! Awesome thirst quencher!

3) Bury your toes in some Sand ^.^ go to the Beach!

2)...while your there, make some sand castles!

1) Don't step out! Switch on the AC and Stay at home, watch tv!
and indulge in a super cool fruit salad and some peach slushie :P

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