Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Websites I Visit Most Often...

[Click Names For the LINK ....And Remember to right click and open a new tab. Otherwise It redirects you to a whole other site!]

13] One of my MOST fav these rainy days...

At number 12] Cant get that tune out of your head?
Awesome for that one song download..

11]Hilarious!!! Collection Of misheard lyrics! Are you one of THOSE PEOPLE?

10] Awesome Pichas!
Taken my ordinary People like you and me! :)

9]Make anything HAPPEN!

8] This is so cool!
...I stopped using flicker after spam but this is sumn else!

7] Sheer Necessity
...I keep forgetting my passwords!!

6] I love this Site!
makes me feel like a seven year old kid all over again!!!

5] You Gotta Do Watcha Gotta Do!

4] An addiction much?

3] How Can I NOT?!


1] And the number one site!
My Hero!

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